Founder’s Profile: Lindsey

Motherhood is empowering; that’s what Rise founder Lindsey discovered when her job ended when her daughter was a baby, and she found herself off-roading instead of driving down the well-established career path she was familiar with. Instead of finding another marketing job, she discovered she had the power to shape her own career in a way that benefits herself, her family and other women.

Lindsey has always been an entrepreneurial person, taking an ownership role in her previous sales and marketing jobs. She spent years pouring everything into jobs that ended, and realized that often what benefited the organization didn’t benefit her. But it wasn’t until she became a mother to Alia, now one year old, that Lindsey took the steps she needed to make her career benefit herself and her family.

Her position was eliminated when Alia was six months old, and Lindsey decided to take the plunge and make her own career. She activated her real estate license and began networking.

“Seeing other women cobble together a career was inspiring,” she says.

Motherhood had given her self-confidence and a sense of her own power, as well as a desire for a path that benefitted herself and her family.

“I needed to stop putting everything into things for other people,” she said. “I’m talented. I’m strong enough to create a world for myself.” 

As she began building her real estate business, Lindsey attended networking events and found like-minded women entrepreneurs.

“But there was a component missing, and that component was community,” she said.

She noticed women entrepreneurs often lack the network and resources to engage the broader community to grow both as businesswomen and as women and moms. She has always loved mentoring, and it was her love of coaching and seeing women succeed that planted the idea for Rise. Lindsey has a passion for her community and for transforming the lives of the women around her.

Through Rise, Lindsey wants women to become part of a network of entrepreneurs and mothers that can help them turn their goals into reality. Rise facilitates networking between businesswomen and the community, as well as providing platforms for constructive discussion about issues facing women in their careers.


Want to get in touch with Lindsey? You can reach her HERE

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