Founder’s Circle: LeeAnne

Tell us about your family

I live with my husband, 3 year old daughter and newborn son in Springfield, Virginia. 

How did you get into your career? Is this where you saw yourself going?

I found my career through a series of very fortunate events. I majored in Business Management and minored in Theater so I knew I wanted to incorporate the Arts into my career indefinitely but didn’t exactly know where that would take me. I started managing a fitness studio as well as teaching and once I had my first child took a step back to focus on teaching. I didn’t really know I could make a career out of this in college and I love it! 

How has being a woman and/or becoming a mother affected your career path for the better?

It has certainly made me prioritize my time better. I say no to a lot so I can say yes to things that really matter to me. I love my time with my children as a partial stay at home mom and I love my work teaching woman how to grow stronger and eat better. Both are very important to me.

What are some challenges you’ve experienced or seen that women face in their careers, whether entrepreneurs or on the “highway” route?

To me it’s the lack of maternity leave/support in this country. It creates a huge financial constraint on what woman can do for and with work. Men can generally follow their passions or sacrifice career momentum to gain their career goals. Women get stopped short. Luckily we are creative and amazing so most  women I know have found ways around it. To me it is still a woman’s largest roadblock as well as a telling view of how our country sees half of its work force.   

Why are you passionate about Rise’s mission? What do you believe a local supportive network can accomplish? What are your hopes for the organization?

I hope we can build a strong foundation of intentional support and connection. We have such a large pool of talent here and I hope that Rise will give us the opportunity to see each other as a community no matter our choices. Lifting each other up so that we may all Rise!

Want to get in touch with LeeAnne? You can reach her HERE



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