Naming the fear: Family Leave

Whether or not the leave was planned, taking weeks or months away from clients, projects and to-do lists can be an overwhelming prospect. With our first Rise event, The Comeback, happening later this week, we asked members of the Founder’s Circle what they were most nervous or afraid of when facing their own leave.

“Losing my clients. I wasn’t sure they’d wait almost four month and come back to me after having worked with another training in the meantime. And also, of course, not having the name level of fitness in a profession where people look up to you for that.” (Melanie)

“I wasn’t worried about the leave itself, it was about childcare options when I went back to work.” (Kat)

“Since I was switching to freelancing and knew I couldn’t do news (the news cycle is too fast for occasional work), I was worried I’d become a “mommy blogger” and never write about political or environmental topics again. But I found my news analysis gig and now I get to write about politics again.” (Michal)

“When we found out my daughter was coming, I was unemployed and doing some freelance work until I found my next FT job. I was terrified that I wouldn’t get hired for a job during the pregnancy – and honestly it was really hard going on interview after interview and not getting call backs. I couldn’t even think forward to the logistics of having her here and childcare when I didn’t even know if I was going to ever find another job!” (Lindsey)

“I knew I wasn’t going back to work, but I couldn’t tell my employer otherwise I’d lose benefits. We needed that income, and I didn’t see any other way around it.” (Anon)

“Just money really both times I left for maternity leave I had my job security for when I came back so that wasn’t so much of a concern for me. Definitely finances since I’ve never had paid maternity leave.” (LeeAnne)

“And finding time to pump between sessions I had a scheduled it into my calendars. It just sucked because it meant that I couldn’t take on clients for certain times of the day or cover classes because I knew I had to pump. So for me, it also meant income loss.” (Melanie)

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