ALX Women Mastermind: The Side Hustle

Our next event is on the calendar! Now that the New Year has officially begun, let’s connect and explore how those of us juggling a few different roles can keep it all balanced and find the support we need. It’s time for a Mastermind!


Our Sessions

Managing Transitions Using Coaching Skills with Megan

Change can be scary. Change can be EXCITING! And oftentimes, it’s both. If you’re a woman anticipating a BIG shift or feeling overwhelmed from a recent life change, let’s discuss how to infuse the magic of coaching into your daily routine.  I’ll teach you coaching skills to gain clarity, perspective and to begin to take actionable steps forward in the direction you desire.


Balance vs Burnout with Yasmine
Feeling pulled in multiple directions? Running out of time and have deadlines looming? Growing your side hustle means devoting extra time and resources into growing a business and challenging your mind to learn new processes.  I will be sharing some techniques on how to balance your time and your goals so you don’t burn out.


Gentle Nourishing Flow and Mindfulness Session with Lindsey

We’ll close our time with a slow flow yoga practice and a closing guided meditation for cultivating mindfulness. No yoga or meditation experience required.


Sign up Here

Rise Members: $35

Non-members: $50

Our Speakers

Megan Quinn
Megan is a Certified Health Coach (CHC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF) trained Professional Coach, passionate about supporting women in all their current and future endeavors. As a coach, Megan thrives helping clients clearly articulate and embody the values that fuel their lives and support their full potential. She’s an advocate for smart, casual approaches to healthy living, helping clients define and achieve work/life balance, on their own terms, and supporting mothers transitioning back to work after maternity leave and beyond.





Yasmine Bandali
Yasmine’s business, All That Yazz is a woman-owned micro-business. A local Virginia-based, soap-and-scrub company, it specializes in soaps that are free of the 5 Ps: parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, preservatives and palm-oil. The soaps are crafted in small batches, and are sold at farmers’ markets and craft fairs.




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